Welcome to your full DIY Korean barbecue dining experience. Our goal is to provide our guest with amazing memories and moments that they won't find anywhere else. We have three distinctively designed locations in Georgia, Northern Virginia, and Maryland (with more coming soon!).  We've made a dining environment that will allow you to fully enjoying group gatherings to intimate moments and memories they won't be forgotten.




Our steak, the top blade, is prepared by tenderizing it with a honeycomb pattern to bring out the well marbled beef flavor. The unadulterated version untouched by marinade is massaged with sesame oil to bring it a nutty and juicy flavor. The top blade steak is then marinated in our "galbi" house signature to bring you the Iron Age steak. It is carefully marinated for 24-48 hours with onions and jalapeños to add to the sweet and savory flavor.

The Iron Age steak is THE REASON guests come to Iron Age so don't miss out!


More well known to everyone, we have also hand prepared beef chuck to bring you bulgogi. Unlike other restaurants we hand cut ours slightly thicker leaving the ribbons of fat to enhance the flavor of the meat with the marinade, again the "galbi" house signature sauce. If you want to further enhance the sweetness of the marinade, there is a Hawaiian version which comes with pineapple slices and pineapple juice in the marinade.


The unsung hero, hanging tender aka hanger steak, offers you a pure beef option. Also hand cut and massaged with sesame oil, it offers beef lovers a flavorful and juicy steak unencumbered by marinade. We recommend the steak medium rare to medium!


For those looking for other options, we offer pork bulgogi and chicken marinated in two different delectable sauces. Soy pork bulgogi and soy chicken are marinated in our signature house "galbi" sauce and spicy pork bulgogi and spicy chicken are marinated in a sweet and spicy red pepper paste.


Pork belly, better known to non-Koreans as bacon, comes thick sliced and tenderized. Available in three different styles: plain, garlic, and spicy. Each with their own flavor profile as it is cooked in its own bacon grease to enhance each marinade or lack there of.


Soju is a staple in the Korean dining experience, which will smoothly complement your meal. Either "straight Up" with classic soju or a smoother more distilled version with Fresh or Chumchurum, we also offer infused or cocktail soju. Soju will become the centerpiece of any get-together allowing you to fully enjoy the experience from a Korean standpoint.

Tip: try mixing with a glass of beer which is commonly known as "somek".


If soju is not for you, indulge in a 3000ml beer tower delivered straight to your table so you can play bartender or any of our bottled beers or Korean wines.



We believe in a traditional approach to Korean barbecue and we achieve this with our service style. It is designed to assist you as if you are the chef of your own restaurant.


  At Iron Age our main goal is to help you create the most memorable experience for you and your friends and family. Below are a few pointers that will help you have the best D.I.Y dining experience during your next visit.


Our locations  operate on a first come first served basis.  In order to provide the shortest wait time possible, we ask that our guest help us honor a two hour dining time.


We only take reservations for parties of 8 or more. We suggest that when you do place a reservation to allow us the opportunity to have a space prepared and waiting for you by calling at least 6 hours in advance. Due to the increased number of reservations on the weekends, while we will try our best to have your tables ready at the time of the reservation, it is not guaranteed. It is important to arrive on time with your entire party present for reservations after yours.


At Iron Age we believe in team service so please feel free to ask anyone for help at anytime.


 Our service team is very diverse with a large breadth of knowledge of our ingredients, including information regarding allergies so please ask them about anything on the menu and if they have any suggestions.


As this is your D.I.Y experience, our goal is to keep all of your supplies ready and at an arms reach. This is done by providing constant attention to your table, helping you with your next order through suggestions, and by refilling any of our sides or sauces.  And yes our sides are also all you can eat, just place the empty dish on the side of your table and we will refill it.


 When you place an order, please let us know the type of dining experience you would like to have.  Depending on if you are feeling adventurous and would like to try a bit of everything or you would like to stick with what you love, it will help us guide you through your experience with portioning and prioritizing meat selections.



Get in Touch

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